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“My Poet”

Poetry July/August 2007

It’s a gray winter day, and I’m catching up on my reading, which includes five or six back issues of Poetry. In the July/August 2007 issue, I came across a short story titled “My Poet” by Naeem Murr. It made me laugh so much with its hilarious but loosely accurate characterizations of poets and fiction writers:

We fiction writers are a different breed from poets–alert, happy, optimistic. If you want to find the fiction writer in a crowd, just pretend to throw a stick. He’ll be the one who looks around.

Or perhaps like the narrator of this story, you have a poet of your own. If so, you might relate to this sentiment:

Loving my Poet as I do, though, I try hard to understand what a poet is. The first clue lies in the fact that my Poet–every poet–is an insomniac.

Read for summery laughs on a gray winter day.

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