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Seattle, next time

Seattle was beautiful. We’re back in the flat geography of home, and already I miss the long views of water, skies, and hills. The locals assured us that the weather is not always this gorgeous and that for months, it’s gray and drizzly. Still, I felt the pull of this place. Tea & Cookies’ posts on Lake Washington and Seattle’s relationship to water capture some of the allure of Seattle, I think.

Next time, I want to jog around Green Lake, browse the stacks of the Central Library, have tea at the Starbucks on the 40th floor of the Columbia Tower, and ride a ferry out to an island. Less guidebook stops. More absorbing the beauty of the place. Next time though, I think I should go when it’s gray and drizzly and cold. Just to be fair. Just to see the city honestly. Just to know for myself whether it was a beautiful summer day fling or a true city love.

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