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It’s looking that way.

At Thanksgiving, the hills along I-5 to Southern California were gray and woolly:
On the road

After the festivities, my mom packed us a lunch of homemade sushi, freshly-picked persimmons, and steamed sweet potatoes for our journey home. Still, it was a long road trip:
On the road

Back at home, the Christmas gift from my parents is giving juicy gifts of its own:

We decorated our Christmas tree and hung a mistletoe ball in the arched doorway:
2007 Christmas Tree

This year we didn’t make it to the Christmas Shoppe at Lake Tahoe, but we managed to find an ornament to represent this year:
2007 Ornament

Everything is dazzling this season. Lights and bows decorating the roof lines. Glittery ornaments and little girl dresses in velvet and taffeta. The sweet aroma of apple cider and peppermint. Kitties growing long fur coats. Everything is dazzling, and yet it’s so easy to become stressed out, isn’t it? There’s so much, too much, of everything. I keep counting Christmas letters to write, gifts to wrap and mail, days and hours that never add up to enough…. Yesterday, my husband brought home a bouquet of tulips for me:

Today, they’re reminding me of something. “Slow down,” they’re saying, I think. “Take time to just be.”

Are you staying calm this holiday season? How do you do it?

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