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Grow, salad, grow!

This weekend, the warm sunlight lured me outdoors to garden. In a three-tier planter, I’m growing a salad. 🙂

Herb & Salad Garden

Top tier: purple and sweet basil

Middle tier: fennel, sage, oregano, and rosemary

Bottom tier: red-leaf lettuce and chard

The “salad bowl” planter is right outside our patio door, so we’ll be able to just step outside and clip a few greens for a salad. Around the corner of the house are pepper (sweet red, green, and yellow), zucchini, squash, and more chard plants.

Grow, yummy veggies, grow!

This is only my second year of vegetable gardening, and I’m hooked. What about you? Do you garden? What are you growing this season?

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Oh. My. I have just discovered Squishables. Have you seen these? “They’re giant, round, fuzzy, stuffed animals,” says the web site. “Hug them.” Oh, yes, I want to. Especially the Squishable sheep:



And while I’m at it, here are some other cute or unusual gift ideas:

For the poet or the inventor whose best ideas are always scribbled on the back of a napkin: The Napkin Notebook

Napkin Notebook


* * * * *

To relish beauty and Mother Earth, all year-long:

2008 “Birds and Blooms” Calendar from PaPaYa!


* * * * *

For the budding artist and book lover:

Linnea in Monet’s Garden

Linnea in Monet's Garden

* * * * *

To create inspiring spaces for the home:

Custom Decorative Lettering

Decorative Lettering


* * * * *

For the dreamer:

Limited edition print of Mati Rose Mcdonough’s “Believe” painting




* * * * *

To proclaim your love for your tech-support guy:

“I Love My Geek” T-shirt

I Love My Geek T-shirt


* * * * *

To warm the tummy and soul:

Snowman mugs with frother from Williams-Sonoma

Snowman Mugs


* * * * *

For the gardener-cook:

A quartet of fresh herbs


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