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A year goes by so quickly. Recently, our precious little boy turned one. We have been the lucky witnesses, each day, of his zest for life, sweet innocence, silly sense of humor, and insatiable curiosity. What an adventure it has been! We celebrated our amazing son and his wild love of bananas with these cupcakes:

“Everything-free” Cupcakes

No gluten, wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts, peanuts, or soy–and surprisingly yummy.


On this birthday, I read aloud this simple blessing, which I found in one of my books. I’d like to read it again next year and each year to follow:

Our Wish for You

May you always see beauty in the world

And hear music everyday.

May you know the touch of gentle hands

And walk the peaceful way.

May the words you speak be loving.

May laughter see you through.

May you be blessed with hope and joy–

These gifts we wish for you.

– Theresa Mary Grass

Go bananas with bliss, sweet baby!

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Gluten-free cupcakes

It’s true.

Gluten-free Dreams Cake/Cupcake Mix

This cake/cupcake mix is from Cherrybrook Kitchen’s “Gluten Free Dreams” line, and we found it at Nugget Market. Besides being gluten-free, it’s “peanut-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and nut-free.” It also contains no brown rice, fruit juice, or soy, which means that I can actually eat it. It’s a miracle mix.

I baked and decorated the cupcakes and took them to a holiday gathering to see what people would think. The consensus was this: “great flavor but dry.” Or according to one particularly vocal person, “It’s not just dry; it’s like it sucks the moisture out of your tongue.”

But one must take into account that this is coming from people who have no food restrictions, people who can eat any kind of dessert they choose. For me, who hasn’t eaten cake in several years, it was indeed a gluten-free dream.

Two cupcakes for breakfast, please!

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