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Day to day, hour to hour, the lake changes. Always beautiful, alive. For example:

Brilliant blue like the sky
The lake

Steel-gray on a cloudy day
Water, clouds

Dark and still as a mirror at twilight
The lake at twilight

Silver and sparkling
The lake at twilight

Opaque, reflective
Hidden Beach

Translucent, lined with rocks and pebbles

We’re back from Lake Tahoe, where we celebrated our ten-year anniversary. This is the first batch of photos from our trip. More to come….

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Pairs: Orange + Green

For the next few days, I’ll be posting a series of photographs linked by color combination, theme, or subject matter. I hope you’ll enjoy. Here’s the first pair: Orange + Green

Carrots, cucumbers, and mini bell peppers on a bed of lettuce. Lemon juice + olive oil dressing, of course.

Furoshiki: a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth. Inside, a lunch box packed with cucumber rolls.

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