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Pairs: Cut + Paste

Cut + Paste

collage journaling

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
– George Bernard Shaw

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Pairs: Kitty + Kitty

Meet the pair of kitties who keep us company:

Sunny Afternoon
This is a birthday present that keeps on giving. Fur, that is. Nine years and going strong.

Claim to fame: Once, she was sort of friends with a rabbit.
Superpower: Cross-species impersonation (For example, she can bark. She can also almost use her imaginary opposable thumb.)
Diva Demand: “Love me, pet me, love me, pet me, LOVE ME! NOW. That is all I ask.”
On the fence
Eight years ago, we saw a sign for “free kittens” and thought we’d just go for a look.

Claim to fame: Once, she was slimed by a drooling golden retriever and survived.
Superpower: Invisibility (Have you seen her? Even our pet-sitting friends have not.)
Diva Demand: “I will not eat from a dish. Also, I ask that you touch my food before I eat it. No reason, just because.”

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Pairs: Retail + Therapy

The link between these two photographs? These are recently purchased objects that I really love:

Japanese dishes
A set of Japanese dishes with cherry blossom motif

basket on wheels
A wheeled market basket: Doesn’t it make you want to go to a farmer’s market?

I hope you’re doing well, dear readers. Have a beautiful weekend!

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